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Leasing Programs

The Fitness Resource is committed to keeping your costs low while providing the greatest value possible. We work with key lenders to provide financing solutions for both the commercial and municipal markets. For program details please contact customer service directly at 866-955-4348!

Municipal Leasing Product:

We provide leasing programs to the Municipal marketplace. Our leasing product is available to State and Local Governments, and their sub-bodies, as well as to not-for-profit and 5013C corporations, entities such as YMCAs, schools, hospitals, police and fire departments, and community programs.

Any size purchase, over $5,000, can be leased
Low interest rates as a result of "tax exempt" status of the lessee
(rates are lower than commercial rates)
Usually minimal paperwork to be completed, cutting red tape dramatically
Leasing can free-up federally allocated funds which may be used for other purposes

Commercial Leasing Product:


Payments do not change You know what your expense is each month


You pay for the equipment as the equipment benefits you. Just as you want to control operating costs, leasing helps you control your equipment costs


Since you can arrange payments according to your cash flow, leasing allows you the use of a greater amount of equipment for a given dollar allocation.



Leasing provides fixed rate financing

Leasing allows you to keep your credit Iines open

With leasing, you pay for the equipment as it benefits you -- not before

Leasing affords you the opportunity to provide state of the art equipment to your clientele


If you have a line of credit at your bank with an attractive fixed interest rate and you are confident that you will not need to use the line for any other situations, it may make sense to finance your equipment through the bank. However, many business people utilize leasing companies to acquire equipment in order to keep their line of credit available for working capital, expansion possibilities or any other situation that may arise which requires quick cash.


Cash, if invested wisely, can provide great income opportunities. Therefore using your cash to pay for depreciable assets such as equipment may not be the right choice for you.

Benefits of Leasing

Capital Conservation

100% Financing
Tax Timing/payout of pretax income
Long term - modest payments
Amortize non-financeable costs
Flexible structuring
Cash flow improvement

Hedge Against Inflation Profit Generation

Reinvest conserved capital
Compounded earnings

Time Utilization

Utilize time value of money
Defer "capital" expenditure

Credit Preservation

Alternate source of financing
Preserve bank lines

Obsolescence Protection

Match lease terms with useful life
Trade ups

Cost Allocation

No hidden or indirect expenses
Allocate costs to your contract

Budget Expansion

Turns capital expenditure into operating expense
Profit immediately from use of needed equipment

Structuring Variation

Flexible Terms & Structures

Financing Providers

To handle your financing needs, we recommend:

Paul Bosley, Managing Member
Business Finance Depot
Mortgage Originator - MLS# 392639
Cell (561) 702-5505
Efax (954) 301-0702

John Papadopoulos
Allstate Capital
1600 S Federal Highway, #811
Pompano Beach, FL 33062
Tel: 954-934-0419 Ext 202
Fax: 954-934-0465

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